What’s Up Wednesday: 10/31/18

As of September 30th, there have been 128 crashes, 13 injuries, 2,868 responses, 172 DWI’s on the Causeway Bridge this year.

Halloween is a time for costumes, scary movies and sweet treats. It is also a time that can become deadly because due to drinking and driving. Please keep these other freighting Louisiana statistics in mind if you are planning to drink and drive this Halloween:

  • Driving on Halloween is more dangerous than being on the road on New Year’s Eve, according to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission
  • In 2017, 878 people were injured and 10 people were killed in alcohol related vehicle crashes during the Halloween period
  • Halloween and Mardi Gras are the two holidays with the most vehicle crashes every year since 2005

Nobody likes witches that drink and drive on Halloween. Stay proactive with your party plans. Have a ride-sharing app on your phone, or if you’re the host, plan to have friends spend the night if they are drinking too much. If you see what appears to be a drunk driver, or any other unsafe condition on the Causeway Bridge, please call 504-835-3116 (or *CP).