What’s Up Wednesday: 10/17/18

As of September 30th, there have been 128 crashes, 13 injuries, and 2,868 responses on the Causeway Bridge this year.

All drivers know about the dangers of texting while driving but what about talking on your phone? According to a study conducted at the University of Calgary it can be more dangerous than we think. The research team analyzed nearly 100 studies about driving and cell phone use, and they found that talking on a phone makes you a worse driver, even if you use a hands-free device like Bluetooth. Even if you’re looking at the road while talking, you’re more likely to get in a crash than you would be if you were phone free.

A lot of drivers use the long drive on the Causeway as a chance to catch up with people they have been meaning to reach out to, but the risk definitely outweighs the benefit. Remember, talking to your boo can you wait until you are off the roadway.