Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It is important to pay attention while driving. Everyone is probably aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Everyone is also familiar with all of the usual suspects – texting while driving, talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio, eating or drinking, and everything else that takes your hands off the wheel and attention off the road. Did you know that most people who have been involved in an accident weren’t exhibiting these types of blatant disregard for safety? There are also some sneaky and surprising ways that you could be distracted while driving. Here are 4 hidden distractions that you may not know about:

Loud Music – We all love to listen to our favorite tunes while cruising with the windows open but did you know it can prevent drivers from being able to hear important sounds such as honking of car horns, emergency vehicles, and the screech of tires?

Scenery – When a driver takes their attention of the road and focus on those beautiful views, they can inadvertently swerve into another lane or miss a turn.

Conversation – When a driver finds themselves paying more attention to your passengers than to the cars around them, their risk for a crash increases by a good margin.

Mental Distractions – Did you know if a driver is going through a list of things to do at work, plans for the weekend, or if you took out meat to cook for dinner can take your focus off the road?

All drivers should pay attention while behind the wheel. By making sure drivers are aware of the common distractions above, it will create a safer driving environment for everyone involved.