Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Something most people don’t realize is that police units’ radar can detect your speed before you see them. Most radars can even clock the speed of a vehicle as it comes up behind them.

Two types of radar are typically used by police officers — stationary and moving. Stationary radar must be used from a static site. It’s hand-held and looks like an oversized pistol. Moving radar allows patrolling units to clock vehicles while driving. It can clock vehicles as they approach and drive away from patrolling units.

Speeding not only refers to driving over the posted speed limit. Speeding can also include other behavior such as driving too fast for road conditions like rain or ice or driving carelessly through construction zones. The most common dangers caused by speeding include but are not limited to the following:

  • Increased occurrence of rollover accidents
  • Increased potential for loss of control as a driver
  • Higher severity of crash if an accident does occur
  • Increasing the amount of distance needed to safely stop a vehicle
  • Reduced reaction time

Please plan your trips to keep yourself and your fellow commuters safe.