Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Depending on our age, there are a few events in history that we can recall with clarity where we were during that moment in time: end of WWII (1945), JFK assassination (1963), Moon landing (1969), fall of the Berlin wall (1989), and loss of Shuttle Columbia (2003). Those shared experiences impacted all of our lives regardless of race, religion, political views, education, or income. September 11, 2001 is one of those few days that shaped history and us.

2,977 people were killed in New York City, Washington DC and the outskirts of Shanksville, Pennsylvania from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. That includes 343 firefighters, 60 Police, and 37 Port Authority Officers. Victims ranged in age from two to eighty five.

September 11th, Patriot Day, is a day to commemorate those who died and were injured by the terrorist attacks on America. We will never forget them and always cherish the abundance of freedoms we enjoy as Americans.