Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Tailgating is by far one of the most dangerous driving habits. When another driver follows a person too closely, they put not only themselves in danger of a car accident, but they put the other vehicle in danger also. Tailgating dramatically increases the chances of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, many drivers persist in this behavior, exposing themselves and others to the many dangers tailgating presents.

There is a recommended safe following distance which varies with speed and is indicated by time: the two-second rule. This means that the time difference between the back of the vehicle in front and the front of your vehicle should not be less than two seconds. In wet weather, or if you are towing a trailer, drivers should increase this to four seconds. The safe following distance should give the driver enough time to stop if the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

If you see a vehicle tailgating on the Causeway Bridge or Huey P. Long Bridge, please contact GNOEC’s Dispatch (504-835-3116 or *27 on cell) to report these vehicles.