Wednesday, April 24, 2019

There have been 52 DWI arrests on the Causeway Bridge so far this year.

In an effort to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from unrestrained motorist in traffic crashes, the Causeway Police Department will participate in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Buckle Up in your Truck” program.

Although pickup trucks represent only about 25 percent of the vehicles in Louisiana, pickup truck drivers accounted for 66-percent of those killed in crashes while not wearing seat belts. State observation surveys and fatality data show that pickup truck drivers and passengers fall well behind occupants of other kinds of passenger vehicles when it comes to wearing seat belts. Pick-up trucks are two times more likely to rollover than cars in fatal crashes. Taking the time to buckle up before every trip is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash.
The Causeway Police department will be conducting enhanced enforcement of the seat belt/child restraint laws, both on the Causeway and the Huey P. Long Bridges. Remember to Buckle Up In Your Truck or you will get a ticket!