Wednesday, April 17, 2019

As of March 31st, there have been 27 crashes, 16 injuries and 789 responses to breakdowns on the Causeway Bridge.

Easter season is right around the corner and many of us will buy candy to prepare for the holiday. One of the most popular sugar items purchased for the Easter holiday is Peeps. If you are not familiar with them, Peeps are made of a soft marshmallow rolled in brightly colored sugar and shaped like baby chickens or bunnies.

Distracted driving has continued to be a major issue throughout the United States, claiming thousands of lives every year. Here are three common myths about distracted driving:

MYTH 1: DRIVERS CAN MULTI-TASK – What we think of as multi-tasking is really just the brain switching rapidly from thinking task to thinking task. This switching back and forth limits our ability to do either task at full capacity.

MYTH 2: TALKING TO A PASSENGER IS THE SAME AS TALKING ON A PHONE – Passengers provide a second set of eyes and ears on the road to help the driver avoid accidents. Adult passengers tend to adjust their conversation to the level of traffic on the road in order to lessen distraction to the driver. Someone on the other end of a cell phone conversation can’t do that.

MYTH 3: HANDS FREE DEVICES MAKE TALKING AND DRIVING SAFE – Drivers talking on cell phones miss seeing up to 50% of their driving environments, including red lights and pedestrians. This is called “inattention blindness.” It happens hands free too.

If we drive distracted, we risk not only our own lives but also jeopardize the lives of others. Whether you are eating sugary Peeps or hanging out with your friends, do not drive distracted.