Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Under normal circumstances, Easter is a holiday where millions of Americans attend church services, large family gatherings and perhaps an Easter egg hunt at some point during the holiday weekend. However, because of the stay at home orders, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing observers to go about a “socially distanced” way of participating in Easter. Many organizations are hosting virtual Easter egg hunts to keep children healthy and safe dung the holiday.

This pandemic has made many Americans cherish family a lot more. The virus has made many people appreciate things that are normally taken for granted. WalletHub recently conducted a study that found the coronavirus has made 40% of Americans grateful for their family and 30% grateful for health.

While Easter celebrations will not be celebrated as it has in years past, it certainly will make us all grateful for future celebrations. This Easter, to help stop the spread of the virus, please stay home. Once this pandemic comes to an end, our communities and family structure may be much stronger.