Wednesday, March 24, 2020

One of the safest choices drivers and passengers can make is to buckle up. Below are some statistics and facts, from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), about the potentially fatal consequences of not wearing a seat belt and why it is important that everyone is properly buckled up every time.

  1. Of the 22,215 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2019, 47% were not wearing seat belts.
  2. Seat belts saved an estimated 14,955 lives and could have saved an additional 2,549 people if they had been wearing seat belts, in 2017 alone.
  3. Buckling up helps keep you safe and secure inside your vehicle, whereas not buckling up can result in being totally ejected from the vehicle in a crash, which is almost always deadly.
  4. Airbags are not enough to protect you; in fact, the force of an airbag can seriously injure or even kill you if you’re not buckled up.
  5. Improperly wearing a seat belt, such as putting the strap below your arm, puts you and your children at risk in a crash.