Wednesday, March 18, 2020

As young children, one of the first lessons learned is sharing is caring. Although sharing can be a challenge at that stage of life, the skill can be developed. By continuing to practice, sharing can also be carried into adulthood.

As Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads around the world, it’s easy to get swept up in a sense of fear. However, now is the perfect time to exercise empathy and help others, especially those who are vulnerable due to risk factors such as age (over 65) and underlying health conditions. If everyone checks on elderly neighbors/loved ones, does not hoard supplies and buys gift cards to local businesses, a positive impact can be made on our community while sticking with the social distancing requirements.

Also, do not forget about donating blood to help combat shortages. The health care workers are warning that blood is already reaching critically low levels due to blood drive cancelations and fear of catching the virus.

When we share something with someone else it is equal to caring for them. If everyone does their party, our community, America, and the world will be safer and kinder places.