Toll Plaza Rules

1. The speed limit when passing through the north toll plaza, where tolls are collected, is 5 mph. The south plaza speed limit, where tolls are not collected, is 35 mph.

2. For safety reasons, all vehicles must come to a complete stop at the toll booths between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monitoring of drivers and vehicles prior to entering the bridges will help ensure your safety while crossing the Causeway.

3. Your toll tag must be mounted in the middle of the windshield right below the rearview mirror, on the driver’s side, where an oil change sticker might go. A toll tag held in the hand of the driver may not be properly read by the system, therefore, is not allowed.

4. The yellow “Low Bal” (low balance) light at the toll booth will illuminate when the balance of your account is low. It will illuminate when you have $10 or less remaining.

The G.N.O.E.C. is committed to minimizing the time required to move through the toll plazas however, safety must remain paramount.