Making Payments

There are three options available when making a payment on your account.

1. You may come to the north or south shore Commuter Sales Offices and apply money to your account via cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, Discover, Master Card and American Express are accepted).

2. The most convenient payment method is for you to authorize G.N.O.E.C. to automatically bill your credit card when your account reaches the stipulated low balance. To benefit from this automatic payment method, you must first sign an authorization form containing your credit card information.

3. You can also make check payments from your vehicle. When using any of the following payment methods, please:(1) Write your account number or tag number on the check front. (2) Make check payable to: G.N.O.E.C.

3a. You may drop off check payments to a north shore toll collector in the Tag/Cash lanes only. Allow at least one working day for posting to your account. Please note that checks will not be accepted in either of the Tag Only lanes.

The Commuter Sales Office has a 24-hour account information line to assist you in monitoring your account balance. Using a touch-tone phone, dial (504) 835-3949 then enter your account or tag number to receive your current balance.