Fog Procedures

♦ When fog procedures are in effect, stay in the right lane only and do not pass.
♦ Form a single line in the right lane.
♦ Put on your headlights. (do not use brights or emergency lights)
♦ Stay close enough to the vehicle in front of you to see its tail lights, but don’t follow too closely.

In case of vehicle failure, do not stop in the right lane. Attempt to make it to a crossover (located approximately 3 1/2 miles apart). If this is not possible, then turn on emergency lights and pull over into the left lane close to the railing. Move a safe distance to the rear of a stalled vehicle. Please stand on the walkway, on the left lane and flag approaching vehicles until the Causeway Police arrive.

Be sure your heater/defroster, windshield wipers, and all headlights/tail lights are working before entering the bridge.