Weights & Measures

Weight and Size Limits Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission NOTE: Gross Vehicle and Axle weights noted are for general guidance. Actual weight limits are based on the width of tire on the steer axle, axle combinations and statutory limits. See the most current edition of the LOUISIANA REGULATIONS FOR TRUCKS, VEHICLES AND LOADS published by the LaDOTD for actual weight limit for your vehicle.

Weight Limits

Maximum Tire Weight
650 Pounds per inch width of tire

Maximum Gross Weight
88,000 Pounds

Size Limits

Maximum Width Vehicle Width except buses – 8′-6″
Loads shall project not more than 12 inches beyond the vehicle body width.

Maximum Height
Height – 14′-6″

Maximum Length
Single Vehicle – 45 Feet Combination Vehicles – 65 Feet