Wednesday February 27, 2019

As of January 31, 2019, there have been 20 DWI arrests on the Causeway Bridge.

There have been 20 DWI arrests on the Causeway Bridge so far this year.

Fat Tuesday is a day of huge celebration that includes parades, parties, and great food to indulge in before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In Louisiana, Mardi Gras is also, unfortunately, one of the deadliest holidays for drunk-driving crashes.

During a five day period prior to Mardi Gras in 2018, there were 465 crashes with injuries, tying with Christmas for the most in a holiday period, according to figures from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. The crashes resulted in 6 deaths. Alcohol was involved in 46 of the crashes and 2 of the deaths.

The consequences of a DUI will last a long time after Mardi Gras – fines, possible jail terms, a police record, employment problems, community service, an ignition interlock on your vehicle, and more. Select a designated driver prior to celebrating. If there is no designator driver, call a Taxi or use a ride-share service. Please have a happy and safe Mardi Gras!

What’s Up Wednesday: 02/20/19

As of January 31st, there have been 7 crashes, no injuries and 254 responses this year.

The left lane is for passing. Slower traffic should drive in the right lane. It’s simple, yet many forget the importance of this law.

Slower vehicles driving in the right lane isn’t just about being courteous, it’s also about safety. Variations of speed among cars are more likely to contribute to a crash. A car in the left lane going 5 mph slower than the flow of traffic is far more likely to cause an accident than a car going 5 mph faster—even if the slower car is already going the speed limit.

Unsafe passing maneuvers in the right lanes, tailgating or vengeful braking often end in collisions. The American Automobile Association says 56 percent of fatal crashes are caused by aggressive driving.

The safest course of action is to drive in the right lane and keep the left lane for passing. If you see someone driving carelessly on the Bridge, contact Causeway Police at 504-835-3116 or *CP and let them hand out the tickets.

What’s Up Wednesday: 02/13/19

As of January 31st, there have been 7 crashes and no injuries this year.

It’s that time of year again for flowers, chocolate, and a romantic night out with your special someone. However, while love might be in the air this Valentine’s Day, nothing puts a damper on the evening more than a car accident.

Driving with passengers in the car can make your chances of getting into an accident even higher. Although there’s a saying “there’s safety in numbers,” the same doesn’t quite apply when driving in a car. Studies have shown that drivers with passengers were almost 60 percent more likely to have a car accident than those driving alone. And the likelihood of a crash is more than doubled in the presence of two or more passengers. Distracted driving is one of the largest causes of car accidents, and with each added passenger there are added distractions.

Safe driving may be the best way for us to show loved ones how much we care. Stay focused this Valentine’s Day and don’t let love blind you while driving.

What’s Up Wednesday: 02/06/19

As of January 31st, there have been 7 crashes on the Causeway Bridge.

Hands-free does not mean risk-free. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), approximately 100 people die every day in car crashes. Nationwide, in 2018, thousands of fatalities involved cell phones. That statistic includes hands-free devices. At any moment 7% of drivers are using cell phones.

The brain is able to quickly multitask but can’t do two things at one time. The part of our brain that processes moving images decreases by up to 1/3 when listening to a phone call. Also, drivers can miss up to 50% of what’s around them when talking on a cell phone. The NSC states new studies are showing voice to text is more distracting than typing texts by hand.

Please keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and your mind on driving.