Huey P. Long Bridge reopens after possible jumper saved

Authorities managed to save a man threatening to jump off the Huey P. Long Bridge Monday evening (Jan. 21) in a situation that forced the bridge to shut down both ways for about three hours, according to a Causeway Police Department official. The bridge fully reopened at 8 p.m.

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What’s Up Wednesday: 01/23/19

In 2018, the Causeway Bridge had 223 DWI arrests.

Drivers are often reminded about the importance of wearing their seat belts but recent studies show that buckling up can also save the lives of the passengers in the vehicle.

Drivers and front-seat passengers are at a five times greater risk of dying in a car accident if the rear passengers are not wearing seat belts, according to a study conducted at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The study examined more than 100,000 front-seat occupants involved in car-to-car crashes where at least two passengers were in the rear seat.

According to the study, many injuries to those in the front are caused by the force of the rear passenger being thrown forward. Based on the weight of an average adult, an unrestrained rear passenger is thrown forward with the force of more than 3 ½ tons in a 30 mph crash.

“They catapult into the front part of the vehicle and strike the upper body of the front-seat occupant in the back of the head and neck,” said Dr. Fred Hansen, an emergency room physician at the University of Iowa. The study concludes that, “All car occupants should wear seat belts for protection of not only themselves but also the other passengers.”

So be a good friend and make sure all occupants are wearing seat belts. Not only for their safety but also for yours.