What’s Up Wednesday: 01/29/19

Saints fans are still devastated from the loss of the NFC Championship game due to the officials not penalizing the Rams for pass interference. During the game, everyone saw the penalty immediately except for the officials. New Orleans has suffered heartbreak many times in the past but we are a resilient City. In a letter to the Saints fans, Drew Brees stated “This will make us stronger, this will bond us tighter, this will be a source for our success in the future. There is no place like New Orleans. There is no community like ours. No fans like the Who Dat Nation”.

We have learned from experience it is always best to pay attention to your surroundings. Especially while driving. According to the CDC, distracted driving caused an average of 9 deaths and 1,000 injuries per day in 2018.

There are many things that pull our attention away from the roadway but, whatever it is, the distraction is not worth the loss of life. Don’t blow the call, please keep your eyes open and on the road.

Bridge police save man who tried to jump off Huey P. Long

A prominent education leader was saved by police and other first responders Monday when he tried to jump 150 feet off the Huey P. Long Bridge to the Mississippi River below, the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission said.

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