Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We apologize for the delay experienced late Monday afternoon/evening on the Causeway. At 4:11 PM, one of our Motorist Assistance Patrollers (MAP) driving north bound sighted and reported a possible breakdown on the south bound bridge. Three minutes later our Officers and MAP arrived on a three car crash at the 14.5 mile mark blocking both lanes. Tragically, one of the occupants was crushed and perished.

Rubber necking from the northbound bridge began immediately. Curiosity is natural but slowing down on a high speed roadway to look at a tragedy is dangerous. Some selfish individuals even tried to film on smart phones. During peak traffic hours like last night, this induced backups all the way to the south shore. The delay was compounded by three separate breakdowns in northbound traffic that required help during the same period.

Our first responders are excellent and typically on scene in just a few minutes. Their fast action last night prevented more injuries. Please remember that if your vehicle has flat on the Causeway to keep driving to a crossover or shoulder. If you can’t make it to a crossover/shoulder, exit the vehicle immediately and stand on the curb behind your vehicle.

Nothing is more precious than life and every life has a face. As always, last night we were trying our best to prevent crashes and save lives. We’re sorry too that our traffic advisories last night were not as timely/detailed as we’d like.



Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Driving slow in the left lane is not only a pain but it is also dangerous. Driving in the right lane and keeping the left lane open for passing allows traffic to flow smoothly and reduces accidents. Other benefits include less road rage, better gas mileage, less stress, and getting to the destination faster.

Some mistakenly believe driving slowly in the left lane keeps everyone safe. In reality it drastically increases the risk of accidents. The research shows that slowing down and changing lanes multiple times can be far more dangerous than speeding, causing almost 10 percent of the total accidents on highways.

We can all make the roadways safer by cruising in the right lane and keeping left lane for passing. Please practice lane courtesy.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It is important to pay attention while driving. Everyone is probably aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Everyone is also familiar with all of the usual suspects – texting while driving, talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio, eating or drinking, and everything else that takes your hands off the wheel and attention off the road. Did you know that most people who have been involved in an accident weren’t exhibiting these types of blatant disregard for safety? There are also some sneaky and surprising ways that you could be distracted while driving. Here are 4 hidden distractions that you may not know about:

Loud Music – We all love to listen to our favorite tunes while cruising with the windows open but did you know it can prevent drivers from being able to hear important sounds such as honking of car horns, emergency vehicles, and the screech of tires?

Scenery – When a driver takes their attention of the road and focus on those beautiful views, they can inadvertently swerve into another lane or miss a turn.

Conversation – When a driver finds themselves paying more attention to your passengers than to the cars around them, their risk for a crash increases by a good margin.

Mental Distractions – Did you know if a driver is going through a list of things to do at work, plans for the weekend, or if you took out meat to cook for dinner can take your focus off the road?

All drivers should pay attention while behind the wheel. By making sure drivers are aware of the common distractions above, it will create a safer driving environment for everyone involved.