Information Services
♦ 835-3102 for recorded updates
♦ 504-835-3116 from the South Shore (On cellular, dial *27 to REPORT DWIs, a free cellular call)
♦ 985-624-1160 from the North Shore
♦ 626-4406 from the North Shore
♦ CB Channel 15
Speed Limit
Observe the posted speed limit, unless otherwise directed by the Causeway's electronic billboards. Always observethese directions. If you are ever signaled to pull over by a Causeway patrol vehicle, you should do so at the nextavailable crossover, not on the side of the bridge.

Also, observe and obey the posted speed limit when traveling through the plazas. Consider how the traffic looks totoll collectors. Speeding vehicles make it more difficult for them to do their jobs, and are a safety hazzard
Weights and Measures
Weight and Size Limits Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission NOTE: Gross Vehicle and Axle weights noted are for general guidance. Actual weight limits are based on the width of tire on the steer axle, axle combinations and statutory limits. See the most current edition of the LOUISIANA REGULATIONS FOR TRUCKS, VEHICLES AND LOADS published by the LaDOTD for actual weight limit for your vehicle.

Weight Limits

Maximum Tire Weight
650 Pounds per inch width of tire

Maximum Gross Weight
88,000 Pounds

Size Limits

Maximum Width Vehicle Width except buses - 8'-6"
Loads shall project not more than 12 inches beyond the vehicle body width.

Maximum Height
Height - 14'-6"

Maximum Length
Single Vehicle - 45 Feet Combination Vehicles - 65 Fee
Seat Belts
You and your vehicle's occupants should always wear safety belts... it's the law.

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The key to safe driving is keeping our eyes on the road. Texting while driving reduces situational awareness and increases chances for crashes for those texting and anyone else driving nearby. Texting while driving is prohibited on the Causeway Bridge ….it’s against the law.

If you break down on the Causeway and cannot make it to a crossover:

♦ Activate your hazard lights.
♦ Pull all the way over to the right curb.
♦ The driver and all occupants exit to the rear of your vehicle and stand on the right side curb.
♦ From the right side curb, use hand signals to wave oncoming traffic into the left lane.
♦ Walk to the closest call box, pull the white handle down and push the red button. The police will respond.
♦ Continue to wave oncoming traffic into the left lane.

Fog Procedures
♦ When fog procedures are in effect, stay in the right lane only and do not pass.
♦ Form a single line in the right lane.
♦ Put on your head lights. (do not use brights or emergency lights)
♦ Stay close enough to the vehicle in front of you to see its taillights, but don't follow too closely.

In case of vehicle failure, do not stop in the right lane. Attempt to make it to a crossover (located approximately 3 1/2 miles apart). If this is not possible, then turn on emergency lights and pull over into the left lane close to the railing. Move a safe distance to the rear of a stalled vehicle. Please stand on walkway, on the left lane and flag approaching vehicles until the Causeway Police arrive.

Be sure your heater/defroster, windshield wipers, and all headlights/ taillights are working before entering the bridge.

Click Here To View Fog Procedures Brochure