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Giving thanks for all you do to make our community
better: Editorial
11-27-2014Times PicayuneThe Editorial board
Questions of conflicts surround St. Tammany
prosecution in Causeway crash
11-26-2014Times PicayuneHeather Nolan and Rob Masson
Body recovered from SUV that drove over Causeway
11-23-2014Times PicayuneJennifer Larino
SUV crashes over Causeway railing, entire bridge
temporarily shut down as rescue efforts continue
11-23-2014Times PicayuneLarino
Vehicle over rail, Causeway's southbound lanes
closed after wreck
11-23-2014Times PicayuneJennifer Larino
Garbage truck driver booked in fatal Causeway
11-13-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway construction work
should resume next week following fatal crash
11-07-2014Times PicayuneHeather Nolan
Reduce truck speed to cut down on Causeway
crashes?: A letter to the editor
11-05-2014Times PicayuneLetters to the editor
Vehicle accident shuts down southbound Causeway
11-03-2014WDSU Juan Sanchez
Southbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway reopens10-30-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
UPDATE: Causeway Bridge reopens after 4 vehicle
10-30-2014WGNOJeff Hamburger
South lanes of Causeway reopened after accident
10-30-2014WDSUClint Durrett
Dangling 18-wheeler re-enforces Causeway's push
for railing upgrades
10-30-2014FOX 8 Leigh Isaacson
Southbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway closed due
to wreck
10-30-2014Times PicayuneHeather Nolan
Causeway motorist jumps off bridge, rescued by
police officer
10-07-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Controversial Causeway mile-marker project to
09-05-2014Times PicayuneKim Chatelain
Controversial Causeway mile-marker project to
09-05-2014Times PicayuneKim Chatelain
New mile-marker signs would make Causeway safer: A
letter to the editor
09-04-2014Times PicayuneBilly Booth
New signs on Causeway are unsafe, unnecessary, too
costly: A letter to the editor
09-01-2014Times PicayuneBrett Duke
Alleged robber leads police chase across Causeway;
bridge closed in both directions for investigation
08-31-2014Times PicayuneBob Warren
Roundly-criticized Causeway sign project on hold
for review
08-28-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
New Causeway mile-marker signs an eyesore, some
commuters say
08-25-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Decades after working on Causeway construction
project, man sees bridge for first time
08-22-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway group considers raising tolls for
08-18-2014The AdvocateFaimon A. Roberts III
Citizens give Causeway officials mixed reviews on
bridge safety, proposed railing improvements
08-06-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway guard rail safety subject of meeting
Wednesday night in Mandeville
08-06-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Wrecks, garden mulch and a reported cat sighting -
a crazy morning on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
07-03-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Kitten deposited on Causeway recovering from
injuries; will be put up for adoption
06-30-2014Times PicayuneKim Chatelain
Kitten thrown onto Causeway Friday survives after
being rescued by bridge officials
06-27-2014Tmes PicayuneKim Chatelain
News Causeway officials to test new safety
barriers on bridge
06-23-2014The AdvocateFaimon A. Roberts III
Causeway Police practice water rescue training06-21-2014WVUEJessica Shaw
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway retaining wall designs
to be put to the test
06-20-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Toll increase possible to fund safety improvements
on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
06-18-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
'Angels guarding me that day,' Causeway bridge
crash survivor tells Fox 8
06-12-2014Times PicayuneBob Warren
News Good Samaritan rescues man whose truck fell
into lake from Causeway
06-04-2014The AdvocateDanny Monteverde
Causeway eyes re-designed guardrails to prevent
overboard crashes
06-02-2014WWL TVAshley Rodrigue
Photos depict dramatic Causeway Bridge rescue, new
details emerge
06-02-2014FOX 8 WVUENancy Parker
Good Samaritan rescues man whose truck fell into
lake from Causeway
06-02-2014New Orleans AdvocateDANNY MONTEVERDE
After four morning accidents, Causeway director
calls for drivers to 'refocus'
05-30-2014Times PicayuneBob Warren
Does that Causeway commute send you off to
La-La-Land? Share your bridge stories
05-30-2014Times PicayuneBob Warren
Causeway officials consider investing in new guard
05-26-2014FOX 8 WVUERob Masson
Northbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to close
for an hour Sunday morning
02-14-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Working together on Causeway helps avert
catastrophe: Letter
01-31-2014Times PicayuneLetter to the Editor
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway may reopen by mid- to
late-morning Thursday
01-29-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway remains closed
Wednesday; afternoon re-opening possible
01-29-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway closes again; hundreds
of motorists cross during 90-minute opening
01-29-2014Times PicayuneKim Chatelain
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway closed in both
01-28-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway prepares for more ice,
possible closure
01-27-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway has reopened01-24-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway not likely to re-open
any time soon
01-24-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway closed due to ice01-24-2014Times PicayuneCarlie Kollath
Number of accidents down on Huey P. Long Bridge in
2013; about the same on Lake Pontchartrain
01-16-2014Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway may reopen by early
12-24-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
NOPD sergeant suspended, accused of leading
Causeway police on chase
12-19-2013Times PicayuneNaomi Martin
Michael Lorino Jr. takes over as Causeway
Commission chairman
12-12-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Texas A&M Transportation Institute to study
retaining walls on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
12-12-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Tips on what to do if you break down on the
Causeway: Letter
12-01-2013Times PicayuneLetter to Editor
How to keep car trouble on our bridges from
becoming fatalities: Jarvis DeBerry
11-26-2013Times PicayuneJarvis DeBerry
Causeway named historic engineering landmark11-11-2013The AdvocateSara Pagones
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway named National
Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
11-08-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
All lanes to open Monday at Lake Pontchartrain
Causeway's Mandeville toll plaza
11-01-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Body pulled from Lake Pontchartain identified as
driver who crashed off Causeway
10-01-2013Times PicayuneHeather Nolan
Crews still searching for driver of truck that
plunged into Lake Pontchartrain
10-01-2013Times PicayuneHeather Nolan
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway open in both
directions, officials searching for driver of
truck that plunged into water
09-30-2013Times PicayuneHeather Nolan
Causeway Commission awards $409,000 contract for
repair of 9-mile turnaround
09-04-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Traffic backups to linger at Lake Pontchartrain
Causeway toll plaza in Mandeville
08-30-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Tommy Cvitanovich of Metairie appointed to Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway Commission
08-19-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway Commission approves slightly lower budget
for next fiscal year
08-07-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Fifth tollbooth makes its debut at Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway
07-30-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway Commission approves contract to realign
roadway sections jolted by Katrina
07-04-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to repair
hurricane-damaged turnaround
07-02-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway's north shore toll
plaza projects inch forward
06-23-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Purple martins call causeway a place to roost06-17-2013The AdvocateAmy Wold
Hoping to keep vehicles on the roadway, Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway wants to improve bridge
06-14-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway employee rescues a
longtime friend
06-07-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Blown tire caused accident that closed Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway
05-23-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Southbound Causeway, closed due to accident, has
05-23-2013Times PicayuneNOLA
Causeway calls off planned closure after problems
found on gantry
05-06-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Car flips on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway; driver
uninjured, authorities say
05-06-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Southbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to close
early May 9
05-01-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
10 longest bridges to drive across04-29-2013USA Today
Causeway police round up chickens on bridge04-22-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway police switching from Crown Victoria
sedans to Ford Explorers
04-10-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway Commission awards $1.5 million contract
to replace drawbridge control system
04-03-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Former legislator Tony Ligi appointed to Causeway
03-23-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Steel shortage delays lane opening at Causeway's
north shore toll plaza
03-14-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Potbellied pig survives spill onto Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway
02-06-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway accidents increase
nearly 13 percent in 2012
02-06-2013Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Fifth lane to open soon at Causeway's north shore
toll plaza
12-27-2012Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Causeway police find woman's treasured gemstone in
nighttime search on bridge
12-11-2012Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Man unhurt after running onto Causeway and jumping
into shallow water
12-11-2012Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Levee construction at southern end of Causeway
will close some traffic lanes this week
12-02-2012Times PicayuneMark Schleifstein
Fresh on the job, Causeway police officer rescues
woman from Lake Pontchartrain
11-08-2012Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway lanes to open Friday
in Metairie
11-07-2012Times PicayuneRobert Rhoden
Woman saved after jumping from Lake Pontchartrain
11-04-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Work on new Causeway toll lane underway10-19-2012News BannerDebbie Glover
Pipeline construction underway across Northshore .10-17-2012WWLTVAshley Rodrigue
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Commission adopts
$21.8 million budget
08-16-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Traffic-snarling construction project on Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway to wrap up early
08-15-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Sofa on Causeway causes concern08-15-2012St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
New Orleans police lieutenant arrested for DWI
after Lake Pontchartrain Causeway crash
07-20-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lane closure at north end of Lake Pontchartrain
Causeway signals project start
07-17-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway drivers are told that
relief is in sight
07-12-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
On tap for Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Commission
Wednesday: New toll system, update of construction
07-10-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Toll system to be replaced06-14-2012News BannerDebbie Glover
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway toll-collection
changes won't let cars whiz through plaza
06-10-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway officers rescue kitten
on the bridge
05-31-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
'Titanic' in Lake Pontchartrain slows Causeway
bridge traffic to a crawl
05-23-2012Times PicatuneBob Warren
New Orleans homicide detective arrested for
allegedly driving drunk on the Causeway
04-06-2012Times Picayune
New toll system for Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
being discussed
04-04-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to speed up project to
replace toll collection system
04-04-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lightning strikes take out toll collection system
on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
03-23-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Northbound lane closure at Lake Pontchartrain
Causeway entrance scheduled for weekend
03-22-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Woman gets 5th DWI while allegedly having young
son, drugs with her
03-21-2012Times PicayuneRamon Varges
The numerous DWI arrests of Thomas Robert Harter
raise questions for prosecutors: An editorial
03-14-2012Times PicayuneEditorial
No drawbridge work tonight on Lake Pontchartrain
03-14-2012Times Picayune
Causeway bridge jumper booked with DWI for 8th
03-12-2012Times PicayuneClaire Galofaro
Man rescued after jumping off Causeway to flee
03-11-2012Times PicayuneStephen Babcock
Fifth toll booth could be approved by Causeway
Commission today
03-07-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Third lane at foot of southbound Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway should offer some relief
03-05-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Crashes on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway down last
year - except in construction area
02-08-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
St. Tammany Parish asks for steady green light to
ease Causeway congestion
02-03-2012Times PicayuneChristine Harvey
The Causeway: The Times-Picayune covers 175 years
of New Orleans history
01-29-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Mandeville bike path work prompts tree concerns01-23-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Easy fix for Causeway backlog: Letter01-21-2012Times PicayuneLetters to the Editor
Causeway chief reports impasse in quest for
compensation from corps
01-12-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Grateful for Causeway convoys: Letter01-09-2012Times PicayuneLetters to the Editor
Causeway commute delays because of floodwall work
aren't as bad as feared
01-02-2012Times PicayuneBob Warren
Dense fog advisory tonight, lasting through Monday
11-20-2011Times PicayuneTimes Picayune
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Commission appoints
11-18-2011Times PicayuneTimes Picayune Staff
Causeway cops to the rescue: A letter to the
11-01-2011Times PicayuneLetters to the Editor
Two drivers hurt in wreck on Lake Pontchartrain
10-31-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Southbound motorists to see delays on Lake
Pontchartrain Causeway
10-03-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Taking the fifth09-18-2011St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway north toll plaza
expansion to begin soon
09-16-2011Bob WarrenTimes Picayune
Causeway to add 5th lane and toll booth in
09-06-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway toll revenues expected
to climb slightly next year
08-10-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Causeway Police officer injured in bridge wreck08-02-2011Times PicayuneTP Staff
Where all that money go? Letter08-01-2011Times PicayuneLetter to the Editor
Slidell Memorial Hospital CEO's firing was
'necessary' after 2nd DWI arrest, chairman says
07-29-2011Times PicayuneRamone Vargas
Slidell Memorial Hospital chief fired after second
DWI arrest in six years
07-28-2011Times PicayuneRamon Vargas
SMH CEO arrested again for DWI07-27-2011St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Slidell Memorial Hospital CEO booked with drunken
driving for second time in six years
07-26-2011Times PicayuneRamon Antonio Vargas
Causeway is one of the safest bridges around: A
letter to the editor
07-20-2011Times PicayuneLetter to the editor
Causeway safety more important than size: A letter
to the editor
07-14-2011Times PicayuneLetter to the editor
Lacombe man faces Wildlife and Fisheries charges
for transporting gator on Causeway
07-11-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Guinness World Records opens new category for the
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
07-07-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
View bridge comparision image07-07-2011GNOEC
Is China's bridge really the longest in the world?07-01-2011Channel 4 in London
Causeway refuses to relinquish 'world's longest
bridge' title to China
06-30-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Alligator turns up lurking on Lake Pontchartrain
06-29-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Causeway's safety speaks for itself: A letter to
the editor
06-26-2011Times PicayuneLetter to the editor
Corps wraps up sheet pile work under Causeway05-31-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Southbound Causeway traffic continues to crawl
after accident closes left lane
05-31-2011Times PicayuneStaff
Faulty signal causes traffic nightmare for Huey P.
Long commuters this morning
05-25-2011Times PicayuneAllen Powell II
Causeway motorist drives truck off bridge to avoid
stalled car
05-01-2011Times Picayune
Trucks and buses barred from Causeway Boulevard
turn lane in Metairie
03-23-2011Times PicayuneMichelle Hunter
Storms cause damage in Slidell area, Lacombe and
03-09-2011Times PicayuneRon Thibodeaux
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway commuters in for
another week of delays
02-23-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Broken water line creates Causeway bridge chaos02-02-2011Times PicayuneSheila Grissett
Snow flurries, sleet pellets reported in St.
Tammany Parish
02-02-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Threat of flooding triggered traffic jam on
Causeway bridge
02-02-2011Times PicayuneSheila Grissett
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway reopens but heavy fog
prompts warnings on bridge
01-31-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Motorists beware! Northbound Causeway to be shut
down temporarily Saturday morning
01-28-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Northbound Causeway to close for four hours01-26-2011St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Portion of northbound Causeway bridge reduced to
one lane
01-26-2011Times Picayune
Local groups celebrate Arbor Day early01-23-2011St. Tammany News
Canopy removal will prompt temp. closure of NB
Causeway Bridge
01-20-2011Times PicayuneBob Warren
Causeway wind turbine pilot project officially
01-13-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway recorded fewer wrecks
in 2010
01-12-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Causeway commuters saw delays of 12 minutes at the
southern end of bridge
01-10-2011Times PicayuneRamon Antonio Vargas
Causeway Boulevard lane closure could spell
trouble for north shore commuters
01-04-2011Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
The long-dreaded commute through Causeway
12-14-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway traffic largely
unaffected by start of floodwall work
12-13-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Causeway construction doesn't hamper rush hour
traffic Monday
12-13-2010WWL TVDoug Mouton
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway motorists face delays
as floodwall work begins
12-12-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Construction will cause traffic headaches on
12-09-2010WWL TVDoug Mouton
Bridge traffic snarls could be near12-08-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Causeway construction delays to begin Friday,
tie-ups may not be as bad as feared
12-07-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Causeway construction info meeting set11-21-2010St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Meeting will inform Causeway commuters about flood
11-19-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
JPSO officer dies on bridge11-12-2010Time PicayuneJeff Adelson
JPSO reserve officer dies of heart attack on
southbound Causeway
11-11-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Causeway closed for an hour after 3-car wreck; no
serious injuries
10-26-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Army Corps of Engineers' contract to build new
floodwall and raise a section of Causeway
Boulevard can proceed
10-15-2010Times PicayuneSheila Grissett
Airboat ties up Causeway10-13-2010St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Woman rescued after jumping off Lake Pontchartrain
09-28-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Re:"Causeway step guides cars over," Your
Opinions, Sept. 11th
09-20-2010Times PicayuneLetters to the Editor
Jeep plunges into lake; driver quickly rescued09-12-2010St. Tammany NewsSuzanne Le Breton
Causeway Steps Guides Cars Over09-11-2010Times PicayuneComment
Motorist Shaken But OK09-10-2010Times PicayuneJim Derry
Relief/Setbacks For Causeway Motorists At I-1009-05-2010Times PicayuneMichelle Hunter
Post Katrina Scars08-28-2010Times PicayuneSheila Grissett
Corps Awards $43M Contract08-25-2010Times PicayuneThe Times Picayune
Alternative Fuel sources needed: A letter to the
08-20-2010Times PicayuneLetter to the editor
Turbine Will Test Wind08-17-2010Times PicayuneEditorial Page Staff
Wind Turbine08-16-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Police Arrest Knife Weilding Motorist08-05-2010Times PicayuneMichelle Hunter
Earfull at Meeting08-04-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Proposed Lake Pontchartrain Ferry Service Picks
Port Site
07-22-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Flodwall Delays Reduced07-16-2010Times PicayuneBob Ross
Flodwall Snag Seems Resolved07-13-2010Times PicayuneSheila Grissett
Safety Speaks For Itself06-26-2010Times PicayuneLetters to Editor
Body Found06-22-2010Times PicayuneMichelle Hunter
Boater Still Missing06-21-2010Times PicayuneRichard Rainey
Coast Guard Suspends Search06-21-2010Times PicayuneStaff
Crape Myrtles06-15-2010Times PicayuneJeff Adelson
Levee Work Reimbursement06-11-2010Times PicayuneSheila Grissett