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Question: Is it permissible for the Prime consultant to perform Construction Management/Administration, and to subcontract (as per Minimum Personnel requirements 3 a full time DOTD certified inspector). We assume that the required testing lab may also be a sub-consultant, although this is not stated in Minimum Personnel Requirements (page 18). Would GNOEC consider changing the 75% in-house requirements?

Answer: Because the project is almost exclusively highway bridge structures, the Prime Consultants would be expected to demonstrate Firm Experience (evaluation criteria #1) in CEI services for highway bridge structures and corresponding Key Staff (evaluation criteria #2) capable to perform these services. It is permissible to subcontract for one or more certified bridge inspectors, if needed to supplement the Prime Staff. The testing lab services are eligible to be performed by a sub-consultant. We will issue an addendum stating that the Prime Consultant must perform at least 65% of the work in-house.


Question: Does the Principal have to meet the Work Zone Training requirements for Field Engineers?

Answer: Field personnel are required to have Work Zone Training. If the Principal will serve primarily in the field on the job site, then Work Zone Training is required. If the Principal does not serve primarily on the job site in a field environment and visits the site only occasionally, then the Work Zone Training is not required.